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Globetrotter - Smart tips from far and wide
"Doggybags? Put your mark on your luggage with these cute little doggy-tags! 79 SEK from fluffbabes.com" Elle Mat & Vin
Elle Mat & Vin


Ready-chilled bottle
"This wine cooler is a decorative, fun gift for someone who you think deserves a bottle of ready-cooled cava. Simply fill the sturdy pvc-plastic container with ice cubes and add a bottle of bubbly. Perfect as a going-away present - or to take on a picnic. Available in pink, blue, or neutral. 79 SEK + freight charge at www.fluffbabes.com"
Hem & Antik

wine cooler
Kvinnor vid grillen

Take over the barbeque, ladies!
"Women at the grill by Aasa Scharin and Clas Petersson is one of the very few books available for women on the art of barbequeing. It's fun, it's well-written, and it's full of excellent, healthy recipes! Available at www.fluffbabes.com for 119 SEK."
Må Bra


This week I'm in love with...
...elegant combined ear plugs and ear pendants (from www.fluffbabes.com) - so I can wave happily to the graduating high-school students at their parties without getting irritated when I hear them sing "We Are The Champions" out of tune for the 100th time...
Allas Veckotidning

ear plugs

When comes the Sun?
"You don't have to sit indoors playing cards while waiting for summer to arrive. Modern rain garments can be practical and attractive. Follow our example at M-Magazine - get outside and enjoy the wet summer weather... ... Galoshes for high-heels, brilliant idea. 699 SEK from Swims/Fluffbabes."


Champagne Bling
"Unlikely as it seems, you may find yourself with some champagne left in the bottle. If so, simply use this stopper. Make sure you hear the "click" so as to be sure that it's airtight. In this way you can keep the bubbles in your bubbly for up to 3 whole days. 499 SEK from Fluffbabes.com"
Elle mat & vin

champagne stopper
Passport holder

Neat Passport holder
"Keep your passport safe and sound in this lovely pink holder, 159 SEK, Fluffbabes.com"
Elle mat & vin


Group therapy
"The perfect apron for all those forthcoming summer parties. Black with flashy wine glasses - red, white and rosé - and the inscription "Group Therapy". One size, fits even Xtra large gents. Available from www.fluffbabes.com at a price of 199 SEK."
Hänt Extra

Wedding tea

Tea för two
"Wedding tea in an attractive tin containing 20 tea bags made of silk chiffon and with a taste of lemon, vanilla and rose petals. Each tea bag makes two cups of tea - easily. Available at www.fluffbabes.com. Price: 69 SEK."
Hemmets Journal

body cream

"A body cream that makes your skin irresistably soft with protective oils. A lingering scent that makes your mouth water! Fluffy Marshmallows Body Lotion from Fluffbabes.com, 189 SEK."


Transport Chill:
"Take a pink bottle of champagne with you to a party or wherever – ideal for chilled white wine, too. Simply put in your bottle and fill up with ice. 79 SEK from Fluffbabes.com"
Året Runt

Transport Chill
body scrub

Set up your own SPA Foam Sweet Foam!
"Create your very own spa and soothe your body and mind! Her are 11 favourites for you to use at your leisure. ... A gorgeous body scrub which leaves your body soft and supple, fluffbabes.com, 229 SEK"
Aftonbladet Härligt Hemma


Bubble bath?
"If you want to bring more bubbly into your daily life, the fluffbabes.com webshop is selling champagne glass holders for your bathtub – and for your ironing board."

champagne glass holders

Party accessories
"Make post-party dishwashing more fun with this marshmallow-fragrant liquid from fluffbabes.com, 119 SEK."


A Pink Going-Out Gift
"Going out to a New Year’s party? Ok – well, I’ve found a reasonably-priced hostess-gift which is just as useful as it’s cute. You’ll find this plastic champagne cooler/carrier at www.fluffbabes.com. Simply put in a bottle and fill up with ice. Priced at 79 SEK, it’s perfect for sparkling or white wines - and coke. Just imagine – you arrive with your bubbly well-chilled while everyone else is fighting to get at the fridge!

champagne cooler

Happy New Pink
"Great idea – New Year’s Eve champagne in a pink ice-bag! Or how about this chiller from www.fluffbabes.com at a price of 79 SEK. Made of sturdy, practical plastic. Happy New Year! Price: 79 SEK."
Aftonbladet Söndag


"Here you have the perfect "gift bag" for champagne or sparkling wine when you’re going out. Or when you want to keep something well-chilled at home. Simply put in the bottle and fill up with ice. This elegant cooler is made of strong PVC and is available at the Fluffbabes website. Price: 79 SEK"

gift bag

Innovation! Handy wine-chiller
”Handy wine-chiller, bag and gift wrapping all in one. Fill up the pink container with ice, add a bottle of champagne – and you’re ready to go. Available in Fluffbabes’ internet shop at www.fluffbabes.com Price: 79 SEK.”
M Magasin


Chilled champagne
”Simply fill up this super charming champagne-cooler with a bottle of champagne and some ice cubes! Ideal for other beverages which need to be kept cool – like white wine etc. Made of sturdy plastic, price 79 SEK. Order at www.fluffbabes.com”
Hemmets Journal


In my dreams
"The talk of many female bloggers this autumn and now finally back in stock. Look for this pink (talking) computer keyboard at fluffbabes.com, price 699 SEK. Compatible with both PC and Mac."
Plaza Interiör


Japanese flowers
"Laptop carrier made of silk with lovely Japanese cherry flower pattern, from Fluffbabes. Holds a normal-sized laptop but can also double as a briefcase. 589 SEK, fluffbabes.com"
Leva & Bo i Expressen, GT & Kvällsposten


Christmas gifts for everyone
"Bright cherry, red and pink Pink computer keyboard - plastic, 699 SEK, fluffbabes.com"
Damernas Värld


"Time to do your gift shopping? Here are some ideas ranging from budget to luxury... Pink, fingertip IT
Computer keyboard with keys that talk (!), 699 SEK, fluffbabes.com"


Silk for your hair
"Sleep tight on a pillow case of pure silk. The soft silk fabric will protect your hair no matter how much you toss and turn. And your hair-do will keep much better than with a cotton pillow. Pillow case in pink silk from Fluffbabes.com, 479 SEK."


Softest Velvet
"For Dog lovers. A small toilet bag in dark purple and gold. Velvet-embossed, with French bulldog motif, sparkling collar and lots of bling-bling. 11x25 cm, 469 SEK, fluffbabes.com"
Leva & Bo i Expressen, GT & Kvällsposten


Nr 5 on this month’s Wish List.
Things we want right now

"1. Notepad for clever girls There are so many things we want to do this autumn. That’s why we need a notepad for lists of things-to-remember. We particularly like this notepad from Fluffbabes, decorated with a 50s-style woman and the inscription "Why yes, I am overqualified”. Which is a good reminder to all of us clever girls. Hopefully it’ll help us to delete a few additions from the list so we remember how good we really are. Price 89 SEK and available from www.fluffbabes.com"
Kattis & Co


Look good with your laptop
"Forget those boring, black laptop carrier bags which look as if they were designed by computer nurds (sorry boys!). If you want to look good with your laptop it’s not a problem to find designer carriers to suit every occasion – and ones that go well with your clothes, too…"

... "Fluffy silk Fluffbabes started off with a cool red laptop carrier in red silk with a smart little case for your cellphone, leads etc. And now there are new fabrics, including pink or light blue silk with floral motifs. Also available in pinstriped cotton fabric at Fluffbabes.com. Price ca. 1,200 SEK."
Aftonbladet, Borås Tidning, Fagersta-Posten, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Landskrona Tidning, Skånska Dagbladet, Ystads Allehanda


This Month's favourite item: a Pink Dream
"Sometimes it's OK to let your hair down and allow yourself to be totally "girly" and just a little bit.....silly! This is why I've picked out this lovely "Keyboard for Blondes" - as my favourite item of the month. Pink, keys which are completely hysterical, and both PC and Mac compatible. Did I mention that it's even pinker than pink? A dream come true! Available at Fluffbabes.com, price: 699 SEK."


Ooops! It talks...
"Obviously computing is more fun when your keyboard is pink. Even more so when it talks to you and tells you what to do. Here it is - all the way from the USA: an outrageously different, shocking-pink keyboard with keys which, according to Fluffbabes, "talk Blonde". The Back-key, for example, says "Ooops", Enter says "yes" and F1 says "help". Price 699 SEK."
Aftonbladet Kropp & Hälsa


Fluff it up - in pink!
"Computing - gets boring, doesn't it...Well, here's your chance to fluff it up with a pink keyboard with buttons that "talk" to you along the lines that "There's a Blonde in every one of us". This keyboard, which goes by the name of "Keyboards for Blondes" works like any ordinary keyboard and is PC and Mac compatible. 699 SEK, www.fluffbabes.com


Unnecessary luxury at a reasonable price
"The perfect gift for someone who has everything is Fluffbabes’ scented toilet paper presented in a champagne tube. Unnecessary, fun, and glammy. Price per tube containing 3 rolls of paper: 99 SEK. Available in glamourous pink and serious black, www.fluffbabes.com"


Eye-catching luggage
"Take this luxury weekend bag with you on your travels. Available in patent leather gold and silver with embossed floral decoration at www.fluffbabes.com. Complete with wheels and handle. Price: 669 SEK"
Allt om resor


Back to school – elegant stationary
"Notebook in steel frame complete with pen - from Fluffbabes.com, 89 SEK."


Lavender slumber mask
"This sleeping mask is coated with silk on the outside and soft velvet on the inside. It bears the Fair Trade stamp and contains soothing lavender. 499 SEK at www.fluffbabes.com"


Tea for two
"August is the biggest month of the year for weddings. This charming tin of ‘Wedding – a tea for marriage’ contains 20 chiffon teabags with a subtle taste of lemon and vanilla – and a dash of genuine rosebud. Price: 69 SEK from www.fluffbabes.com P.S. Each bag makes two cups of tea. Well, of course it does!"


Galoshes for high heels
"Protect your favourite shoes from the rain and mud. Galoshes from the Swims company come in three colour variations: purple, red and black. Simply pull them over your high-heeled shoes and put the heel through the opening. An extra bonus is that the soles are decorated with maps of Parisian arrondissements. Which is pretty useful when you think about it - especially if you get lost in Paris! Price: 669 SEK from www.fluffbabes.com"
Hänt Extra


Keeping pink behind you
"The girls at the Fluffbabes.com company like to be different and they go out of their way to cause a stir. Now they’ve come up with pink, scented toilet paper in a champagne tube. It contains 3 rolls of paper, costs 99 SEK and will be a real eye-opener for your hostess when you give one to her as a present. Seen at five-star hotels in Paris and New York. Fluffbabes.com"
M Magasin


All that Glitters...
"Elegant? Tasteless, perhaps? When you’re travelling with this flashy weekend bag from www.fluffbabes.com you’ll be sure to hear all sorts of comments. Comes on wheels in patent leather and measures 42x31x30 cm. Price: 699 SEK. Also available in silver. Obviously."
Damernas Värld


The laptop bag of your dreams
"Join the competition and have a chance of winning one of these made-in-Sweden laptop bags in elegant, silky cotton. Can also double as a classy briefcase. Value 1,200 SEK."


Allt om bröllop


Makes the weekend even better!
"All nicely packed and ready to go! No doubt about it – life’s more fun when you have a lovely, glammy weekend bag to take with you on your travels! Silver-coloured weekend bag in embossed imitation leather (also available in gold), 669 SEK from fluffbabes.com"
Amelia Sommar


Summer news
"Loves me, loves me not... You can’t help but fall for Ann-Sofie Lundqwist’s delicately crotcheted daisy ring. Made of cotton and silver thread and with a Swarovski crystal in the crown. Daisy, www.fluffbabes.com, 495 SEK"
Amelia Sommar


Ring in the Summer!
"A finger ring of crotcheted cotton with Swarovski crystal created by jewelry designer Ann-Sofie Lundqwist, 495 SEK, available at flufffbabes.com"
Vi Föräldrar


Top and bottom scores on Amelia’s OMG Index (OMG = Oh My God):
Cool Condoms – for high heels!

Outrageously glamorous galoshes for your high-heeled shoes. In unison, we cried out: "Oh, My God!" We didn’t even know we wanted them – until we saw them. Available for 699 SEK at Fluffbabes.com, a site which features quirky, flashy commodities for girls. Your new “must” site.


Internet store hits – luxury health articles on the web
"Why on earth go slogging around town when it’s so easy to do your shopping on the Internet? The number of web-based stores is increasing every day and the selection of products is enormous. Here’s our list of sites where you can order anything from perfumes and fitness products to health foods and massage pads.

www.fluffbabes.com The website with the cutest name and one which really does promote "the good life". Sleep masks, dental cream, soaps, sticking plaster, Voodolls and cosmetic products from their own exclusive range. If you´re looking for fun gifts or simply something different, you’re sure to find them here!"
Aftonbladet Kropp & Hälsa


Congratulations on your graduation!
"A crotcheted spring flower with Swarovski crystals in the middle embellishes this silver ring with the name ‘Daisy’. From the hand of Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Lundqwist. 495 SEK at fluffbabes.com"


The Old and the New - children's dummies
"In recent years decorative, "glitzy" dummies for infants have become increasingly popular - like this one, available at www.fluffbabes.com"
Vi Föräldrar


Summer in your luggage
"Let a thousand flowers bloom on your trip. We have selected 7 colourful products that are both practical and elegant. Number 5: Holistic Silk slippers, perfect for air travel with massaging soles and magnets which stimulate blood circulation. Like walking on clouds! from www.fluffbabes.com"
Allt om resor


Want to come back to my place for a cup of tea?
"The classic invitation might seem a bit over the top when the tea is full of tiny red hearts. On the other hand, clarity and ‘no beating about the bush’ are two principles that we at “Hennes” magazine like to see in every relationship! Love-tea from www.fluffbabes.com"


"Are April showers going to interrupt your daily exercise? No way. How come? Because now there are galoshes for high heels. Choose the colour of your preference: purple, red or black. More info at: www.fluffbabes.se"


Keeping Dry
"Galoshes for high-heeled shoes? – sounds too good to be true. Just pull them up over your favourite shoes in rainy weather. And if you happen to be in Paris these galoshes are extra brilliant – there’s a map of the city under the sole. Available in black, red or purple in sizes M (37-39) and L (40-42) – see more at www.fluffbabes.com"


Flowers are blooming, times are booming
"Your laptop is going to be more fun to lug around when it’s in an attractive carrier. Laptop bag in floral-patterned silk at www.fluffbabes.com"
Damernas Värld (Swedish women’s mag)

Åsa Scharin

Conference Panties – a product of our time (extract from newspaper article)
"Åsa Scharin also runs an internet store and lifestyle site at www.fluffbabes.com. She continually strives to see the fun in every situation and adds that it is not unlikely that ”conference panties” (one of her own expressions and part of the Fluffbabe mythology) will be up for sale on the site at some stage or another."
Office Manager (Business periodical)

Read the story at Fluffbabe Blondie´s Blog.


Salty and Sweet
”This pink, flaked Pink Lady salt will look really nice on the dining table – and on food, too. The attractive colour – and the subtle taste of root vegetables – comes from beetroot. Available at www.fluffbabes.com at a price of 65 SEK pr. tin.”
ELLE Mat & Vin


Making beauty out of vandalism
”– My first thought when I saw all that shattered glass from vandalised phone booths was – Wow! That’s beautiful!
And that’s how jewellery designer Ann-Sofie Lundqwist got the idea of creating a range of rings she calls ”Crush” consisting of shattered glass from phone boxes, Swarovski crystals and gold leaf based on sterling silver.
Price 495 SEK from www.fluffbabes.com”


Chocolate treat
”Give your partner a cup of fluffy chocolate with marshmallows, available at fluffbabes.com”
Laga Lätt


Tea from the heart
“Surprise someone with a cup of Black Tea with red sugar hearts, www.fluffbabes.com”
Laga Lätt


A bit of glam for the babe
”1. Sticking plaster with a sparkle – soothes tiny sores, fluffbabes.com
2. Dummy holder, fluffbabes.com”
Föräldrar & Barn Gravid


Beetroot salt
"Pink Lady Salt from the Fluffbabes internet store is sea salt with added taste and colour of beetroot. Pink Lady is a table salt consisting of tiny, crunchy "salt pyramids" and should not be ground before use. It’s ideal for light-coloured dishes. Add a little to egg dishes, fish or potatoes a few moments before serving. Or on a piece of focaccia bread. It has a slight scent of beetroot without being intrusive. Comes in a nice little aluminium tin – the perfect present for someone special."
Allt om Mat


A crush on you
"When designer Ann-Sofie Lundqwist saw all the broken glass lying in a vandalised phone booth her reaction was unexpected: "Oh, that’s beautiful!” Using the broken glass and adding Swarovski crystals, gold leaf and sterling silver, she created the ring she calls "Crush". The ring is open so it fits fingers of all sizes. The price is 495 SEK, just like the matching earrings. Available at www.fluffbabes.com"
Hänt Extra


Patching up daily life
"There may not be much room for extravagance in these times of financial crisis, but a bit of glamour in daily life is not going to break anybody’s bank. A new site by the name of Fluffbabes.com refuses to give in to the recession, retailing sticking plaster with sparkling stones, Princess Diana’s favourite toothpaste – and tea with a taste of champagne. A load of nonsense or everyday luxury? – it’s up to you."


1. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have anything special planned?
2. Has the recession forced you to make any major changes?

"Åsa Scharin, co-owner of Internet retail company Fluffbabes: – Our plan for this year is to be even more glamourous. Our niche is one of daily luxury and we expect our success to continue despite the financial squeeze. – So far we haven’t felt the credit crunch at all. On the contrary – we hear every single day that we’re getting things right. Our inbox is full of encouraging letters from our customers – and growth continues according to plan."
Dagens Handel
(Swedish business daily)


Found on the web – expensive salt, but excellent
"Pink Lady Salt is a lovely, pink flaked salt and an obvious choice for gourmets and kitchen aesthetes. Available at www.fluffbabes.com. The colour is not just decoration; it comes from beetroot and adds both scent and taste. Will doubtless be a favourite of men about the kitchen – despite the name.”


Inspired by
”Chocolate goodies for your guests from www.fluffbabes.se”
Allt om bröllop


Daily luxury now available on the Web
So fluffy, Darling!
”The idea was born in a champagne bottle and now fluffbabes.com are taking over the Web. Åsa Scharin and Pia Britton’s business concept is – at the press of a button – to bring a bit of lux and glam into women’s daily lives.
– Because we’re worth it, Darling!”
Office Manager


Keep your cards sorted!
”These cute, soft wallets keep your business cards sorted out in the murky depths of your handbag. Ideal for credit cards etc, too, www.fluffbabes.se”
Office Manager


Pillow Fight
"It’s all about pillows this year. Lately several varieties of health products have been hitting the market, among them a pillow that cures hangovers with ayurveda – traditional Indian medicine – and which is treated with fragrant herbs from the Himalayas. Another pillow case prevents wrinkles by repelling your night cream. This anti-wrinkle pillow case is made of silk and was hand-embroidered by Tibetan refugees, www.fluffbabes.com"
Må Bra


Pink Salt
"Pink Lady Salt is a truly different flake salt with a discreet hint of beetroot. A tin containing 1,75 dl costs SEK 69 kr and can be ordered at www.fluffbabes.se"
Tara (Swedish women magazine)


Lovely purse - 50's-style
"These lovely little purses are perfect to have in your handbag for small items that otherwise get spread all over the place. Available in a wide range of 50's and 60's motifs at www.fluffbabes.se"
Aftonbladet (Leading Swedish daily)


Good for little stuff
"Fun toilet bag for your lipstick, headache tablets - or even as a wallet, www.fluffbabes.se"


Wrist Comfort!
"Snug wrist muffs in soft sheepskin to keep you warm during the cold winter months! Available in various colours at www.fluffbabes.com"
Expressen, GT, Kvällsposten i Leva & Bo


Have a drink - around your neck...
"If you feel like having your favourite cocktail but you can't remember the recipe, there's help at hand - in this Champagne Cocktail ring in sterling silver from Fluffbabes. Wear it on a finger or have it on a little chain around your neck - and Hey Presto - the recipe is always at hand. Available at www.fluffbabes.com"
M Magasin (leading Swedish women’s magazine)


Bling bling baby
"1. Plaster with a sparkle to soothe those tiny sores. 79 SEK, fluffbabes.com
2. Child's dummy holder with bling, 235 SEK, fluffbabes.com"
Föräldrar & Barn (Swedish mag for parents)


Come Fly With Me!
”On my next flight abroad I'm taking with me an elegant fluffbabes laptop carrier instead of my dreary old one in black nylon. Check out all the colour variations on the site. A dream in silk - the perfect fabric for a girl who wants to stand out in a crowd. Swedish quality from fluffbabes.com, 1.599 SEK. The red model is a cheaper version, made in Hong Kong, 749 SEK.”
Office Manager


Top of your Christmas list
”Left your Christmas shopping until the last minute - again? No problem. We've compiled a selection of this year's neatest gifts - in three practical price brackets. Christmas comfort: Silk pillow case, 479 SEK, fluffbabes.com”


A scent of Marshmallows
"Add a bit of glamour to your Christmas cleaning! Fluffbabes' Fluffy Marshmallows range of products has been increased with this universal cleaning fluid. 139 SEK/bottle at www.fluffbabes.com".
Hänt Extra (Swedish daily)


Hurray – we won a prize in the dog photo competition!
"Entries were funny, weird, impressive and just plain crazy! Photos came pouring in when we invited our readers to send in their favourite photos of their doggy darlings. The judges had a hard time making up their minds but finally reached agreement.

1st prize: ”Hope I chose the right sun cream factor” was sent in by a dog named Sally from Roslagen, Sweden. This entry was rewarded with a black dog collar with white sparkling stones – and a leash – from Fluffbabes.
2nd prize: ”Bella och Bianca chasing each other at full stretch”. Prize: a red dog collar with white sparkling stones from Fluffbabes.
3rd prize: ”Nova and her cousin Jakob hanging out on the beach on the Swedish island of Oeland”. This entry won a pink feeding bowl and a titbit tin – all from Fluffbabes.
4th prize: ”Baby Bliss”. Prize: a blue Fluffbabes lead.
5th prize: ”...like dogs and cats” was awarded a pink feeding bowl from Fluffbabes."
Ica-kuriren and Fluffbabes

ICA Kurirens 1sr prize

Christmas News for Connaisseurs
"A favourite of Hollywood celebrities. Luxury silk slippers, sizes 6 – 12, available at www.fluffbabes.com".
Föräldrar & Barn (Swedish periodical: Parent & Child)


For Girls with an Attitude
"Ultra-cool fluffbabes.com are retailing glamourous wallets, passport holders and note pads bearing provocative messages such as: "An attitude is a terrible thing to waste", "Honey, you couldn't handle half of me" and "She thought of him fondly as plan B".
Hänt Extra (Swedish Celebrity Magazine)


Wake up beautified!
"Do you wake up in the morning with sleep wrinkles? Say goodbye to morning wrinkles with this silk pillow case, hand-embroidered by Tibetan refugees in the Himalyas and bearing the Fair Trade mark. The silk fabric repels face cream so there'll be no tell-tale stains in the morning - and your new hair-do will still be in place. Easy to take with you on your travels, too."
Amelia Hår & Skönhet (Swedish Leading Beauty Magazine)


Pack a bag for the Maternity Ward!
"(15 products named, and of them no. 6 is:) Luxury shower soap from Fluffbabes."
Föräldrar & Barn Gravid (Swedish Magazine for expectant parents)


Beauty sleep
"This silk pillow case is guaranteed to ensure you an enriching night's beauty sleep. It leaves no sleep wrinkles on your face and it doesn't absorb your night cream either. Sounds great! I'm certainly going to try this "holistic silk" pillow case from Fluffbabes at a price of 480 SEK. It'll be a great present for my girlfriends too - so that they can have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling revitalised."
Damernas Värld (Swedish leading women's magazine)


Sleeping Beauty Sleep

”Don’t you just hate waking up in the morning with sleep wrinkles all over your face? That’s all history now. The Holistic Silk company has come up with a soft pillow case made of Fairtrade certified Himalayan silk. The material doesn’t absorb your facial cream and is kind to your hairdo. Available in three different colours, price: 480 SEK at www.fluffbabes.com”
Aftonbladet Söndag (Sweden’s leading daily)


Blingbling på öppnad champagneflaska

”Gott i gommen och tilltalande för ögat? Nätshoppen www.fluffbabes.se har försett det de uppger vara den proffsigaste champagneförslutaren på marknaden med swarovskistenar i en begränsad edition. För 399 kronor kan man numera behålla bubblorna i öppnad skumpaflaska i upp till tre dagar och samtidigt njuta av litet blingbling. Läs mer och beställ på www.fluffbabes.se”
Vin & Barjournalen


Santa Claus is on his way!
"Silver braid combined with soft pink leather; equally good for work and for special occasions."
"Hand made bracelet in Gotland lambskin and Lappland pewter thread embroidery. Manufactured by Maja Littmarck, available at www.fluffbabes.com"
Allers Christmas Magazine


Hedvig von Mentzer’s favourite sleeping medicine
Holistic silk pillow case

”If it’s true that a clean conscience is the best pillow, then the perfect combination has got to be the fair trade mark and a pillow case with a scent of lavender. Soft satin material that won’t absorb your night cream - and won’t leave sleep wrinkles on your skin either.”
Svenska Dagbladet
(Leading Swedish daily newspaper)


Women on the march
”This weekend for the first time ever there is to be a conference for women connected with the Undertaking Trade. Some 50 female undertakers from the private sector in Sweden will be getting together... The conference will highlight women who have made their mark in one way or another...and representatives from the Fluffbabes organisation – women who have created their own distinctive brand – will also be taking part, ready and willing to offer various bits of advice...”
Ljusnan (local Swedish daily)


Pimp your ear!
... and not just that! Fluffbabes wants to make life more fun, so the designers have jazzed things up!


Our customers help us develop and grow
”Commodities that bring glamour into our daily lives. Things that ”fluff life up”. Annika Legàth and her business partners have created an Internet store which can only be described as a success. On the fluffbabes.com site you’ll find glam products such as sleep masks in silk, glitzy ear plugs, body-milk with a scent of marshmallow - and perfumed, black toilet paper! In other words, things that ”fluff things up” for women who want to put a bit of glamour into their daily lives...” ”Fluffbabes draw on a network of manufacturers – mainly women – who design and produce many of the commodities on the site. – We’re constantly on the lookout for female business partners who are in sync. with our concept, says Annika Legàth. And we design a number of our products ourselves...”
Du & Co (Swedish periodical magazine)


Everyday luxury is the new trend!
”Fluffbabes is an Internet store that wants to put glamour into everyday life. – Our absolute bestseller is a washing up fluid that smells of candy, says Annika Legàth, PR executive at Fluffbabes. Fluffbabes is jointly owned by four people – and a fifth is on the way in. Their overriding idea is to work alongside a group of female manufacturers who produce exclusive products for the Fluffbabes site. Fluffbabes sell everything from glitzy ear plugs to silk laptop carriers...”
Nättidningen it-tjej (Swedish Internet publication)


Found a new job through it-tjej
”Hi there to... Helena Hedlund, self-employed website developer, who will, as of October this year, be in charge of IT for the Fluffbabes site. How did you arrive at the site? – Well, we met by chance at the PR launch of the it-tjej company. I got to talking with this girl who had a really lovely silk bag for her laptop, and she turned out to be Annika, who’s in charge of marketing for Fluffbabes... I started up as a consultant, but gradually I became so interested in the concept that I found myself wanting to go in full-time. And in October I’m starting as their IT-executive...”
Nättidningen it-tjej (Swedish Internet publication)


The joys of Autumn...
”Autum is on its way with its explosion of subtle colours. And why not bring a glow to your home with all those orange and red nuances? Lip balsam from Smith’s. Use it on your lips, cuticles, hands and feet. Fluffbabes.com”
Föräldrar & Barn Gravid (Swedish periodical for parents)


Bringing glamour to the kitchen – a new trend
– Don’t let life be dull – choose products with a bit of glitz!

”Why not upgrade daily life by choosing commodities which are luxurious, colourful and glamourous? Things can be brightened up in no time at all. Washing up greasy saucepans becomes that bit more bearable if the washing up water smells of marshmallows. Not to mention ironing, which can be fun when there’s a champagne glass holder attached to the ironing board. More and more people are choosing daily commodities that are different, glamourous, and elegantly designed. – It looks like becoming a major trend, says trend analyst Stefan Nilsson of Trengruppen. One company which specialises in good-time daily products is Fluffbabes, an Internet store at www.fluffbabes.com. – Even though we hate doing the ironing, it has to be done. So why not enjoy a glass of champagne while you’re doing it? laughs Aasa Scharin, MD of the Fluffbabes Internet company....”
Aftonbladet (Sweden’s leading daily)


Favourite of the stars
”Stylish silk slippers with inbuilt aroma and magnetic therapy – not to forget the Fair Trade Mark. No wonder that Hollywood celebrities have fallen for these silk slippers from the Holistic company! Catherine Zeta-Jones and Salma Hayek are just two of the celebrities who use them. Available at fluffbabes.com ”
Amelia Vikt & Hälsa (leading Swedish women’s magazine)


Putting a bit of fluff into girls’ daily lives
”Sticking plaster with a sparkle, ear plugs that look like jewellery and a champagne glass holder to put on the ironing board! Fluffbabes retail glamorous daily accessories in their Internet store. – We want to upgrade daily life; we want women to allow themselves a bit of daily luxury, says Annika Legàth of Stockholm, one of the co-owners of the Fluffbabes Internet organisation (on the site Annika is known as ”Fluffbabe Silver”...) – As a rule, our products are everyday commodities which we’ve fluffed up a bit – which is our way of saying that we’ve made them more fun. We like our products to be durable but a bit glamorous too. There’re lots of excellent products on the market, but they just don’t look right....”
Vi i Vasastan (local Stockholm publication)


Why keep it bottled up?
”A doormat bearing the inscription ’Queen of fucking everything’: - a statement guaranteed to make an impact! Measurements: 78 x 47 cm. Available at www.fluffbabes.com”.
Hänt Extra (leading Swedish women’s weekly magazine)


Injecting the Flavour
”The latest American BBQ trend of Marinade Injection has arrived in Sweden. Sorry Boys Injectable Marinade Mix – including injection kit - is now available at www.fluffbabes.se ”
Expressen Leva & Bo (Swedish evening newspaper)


Designer Paper
”I have a weakness for unnecessary commodities that are fun to have simply because they’re fun – if you get my meaning. Black perfumed toilet paper has got to be the zaniest invention ever – and I love it. Looks really stylish in a modern bathroom in subdued colours. Six rolls cost SEK 99 at www.fluffbabes.com. Really wicked.”
SOLO (Swedish lifestyle magazine)


Dishwash therapy
”This washing up fluid, which goes by the name of Fluffy Marshmallows, smells so utterly delicious – reminiscent of pink candy – that washing up is transformed into pure relaxation therapy. Available at fluffbabes.com”
Mama (Swedish mother's fashion magazine)


Wicked make up bag
”By far the coolest make up bag has to be this French model sporting a roguish dog motif. Boater and bow-tie....why not indeed? www.fluffbabes.com”
Expressen and Kvällsposten (Swedish evening newspapers)


”Why have you been included in the Swedish Postal Company’s brochure listing new contractors?
– They wanted to give exposure to some new businesses and thought that we fitted the description. And we do, because we’re so different. We stand out in the crowd, that’s all there is to it.
Who are Fluffbabes?
– Anyone who feels like one! But the internet store, which I run together with three other babes, is much more than just online shopping. We don’t only sell fluffy products, we have a blog and we represent a particular lifestyle.
Which is what?
– That everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their daily life, and that people should have fun all the time, says Åsa Scharin, part-owner of the Fluffbabes internet company…”
Kristianstadsbladet (Swedish local newspaper)


Plaster with a sparkle
”These plasters from Fluffbabes are decorated with tiny sparkling crystals and combine first aid with a bit of glamour. From now on, cutting your thumb will be be just that little bit more Paris Hilton!”
Mama (Swedish mother's fashion magazine)


Bring on the dark
”If you can see your hand in front of your face in the bedroom it might just be time you put up thicker blinds - or get yourself a sleep mask. The light in summer is wonderful, but we do also need darkness so our brain can produce Melatonin, a substance which induces deep, natural sleep. At www.fluffbabes.com you can order one of these elegant and useful silken sleep masks full of soothing lavender.”
Laura (Swedish women’s lifestyle-magazine)


Silky sleep
”Catherine Zeta-Jones is, and so is Salma Hayek... crazy about this silk eye mask from Holistic silk, that is. Designer Joanna Weakly is the creator of this Fair Trade-marked product which is full of soothing lavender and lined with soft velvet on the inside. Perfect for airline flights or summer mornings in the sun. On sale at www.fluffbabes.com”.
Elle (leading women’s magazine)


Travelling companions – good for your feet
”Many Hollywood celebrities never fly without their Holistic silk slippers. The removable, magnetic insoles are textured and give your feet a soothing massage, stimulating blood circulation. Available in sizes 37–39 at www.fluffbabes.com”.
Allers (leading Swedish weekly)


To every man his due
”Smashbox-O-Gloss blends in with your natural lip colour and produces the shade of pink that suits you best, www.fluffbabes.se”
Allers (leading Swedish weekly)


A stylish exit
”Recently, Amelia Adamo wrote in a newspaper article that she wants to be buried in one of the pink, fluffy coffins (with built-in champagne glass!) that are at present on the drawing board at www.fluffbabes.com (not yet available for orders). Amelia is in her 40’s, so her style is obviously not some depressing funeral hymn.....but rather some tasteful Rock ’n Roll: Swedish Ulf Lundell? – or Van Morrison?...Amelia has not yet made up her mind. After the ceremony, Amelia wants there to be a handout of goodiebags containing her latest publication. ”– The present trend is that our customers are coming up with ideas for much more personal funerals, and that includes the coffin and the urn,” says Morgan Löfgren, Managing Director of the Rydéns factory which has been manufacturing coffins (and furniture) since 1904. ”- As I see it, it’s a trend which is an excellent reflection of society today. We feel an increasing need to express ourselves and tell the world what we stand for...”
FORM magazine


Beware – not for drinking!
”Why do washing up fluids always smell so boring? The girls at the Fluffbabes Internet shop asked themselves this question. Their site strives to make everyday life that little bit ”fluffier” and more glamourous. And - Hey Presto – working in collaboration with Anna Hellquist, owner of the TVAL company, they added their own washing up liquid to the Fluffy Marshmallows range of products. It’s environment-friendly, it’s phosphate-free, it’s biodegradable, and it smells ....simply delicious.”
Amelia (leading Swedish women’s magazine)


This summer’s hottest BBQ-news
”For genuine BBQ enthusiasts, Sorry Boys Injectable Marinade Mix may well be this summer’s hottest news. BBQ-guru Dr. Chip Faul, several times US champion in the noble art of barbequeing, has delved deep in his selection of spices. We all know his ”rubs” and ”glazes” but this time he’s heavily into marinades – which are injected into the meat by means of a syringe... Curious? – read more about Dr. Chip’s techniques at www.fluffbabes.se”
Buffé (Sweden’s biggest home food periodical)


Good trick for avoiding the washing up...
”At www.fluffbabes.com/se you’ll find their exclusively aromatic Marshmallows washing up fluid. The idea behind the seductive scent is to make your guests fight over the honour of doing the washing up after dinner. It’s also phosphate-free and bio-degradable.”
Hänt Extra (leading Swedish women’s’ magazine)


Mother’s Day gifts in the Internet shop
”Here’s a laptop carrier bag for professional people who like a bit of luxury. It’s made of red silk fabric with a lovely Japanese cherry flower pattern. Ideal for all normal-sized laptops – but doubles rather nicely as a briefcase, too...”
Computer Sweden


Elegant hearing protection!
”Outdoor concerts? – no problem. Here’s a really cool way to protect your hearing. Who can resist these lovely handbag-shaped earplug pendants from Fluffbabes? They shut out all the high decibels but allow you to hear what’s going on around you.”
Laura (Swedish women’s lifestyle-magazine)


Volume control
”The summer season is the season of outdoor rock festivals. An invaluable aid which keeps the sound down and your spirits up at rock concerts is a pair of chic earplugs. The miniature handbags are from Fluffbabes.”
Damernas Värld (”Women’s World” - Swedish fashion magazine)


Favourite of the stars
”These silk slippers from Fair Trade have inbuilt aromatic and magnetic therapy and are an absolute must on airline flights for Hollywood celebrities such as Salma Hayek och Catherine Zeta Jones. The textured insoles give the feet a wonderful massage and stimulate blood circulation.”
Hus & Hem (”House and Home” - leading Swedish interior decoration magazine)


For fun or for work – makes no difference!
”Laptop carrier with gorgeous Japanese cherry-blossom pattern on red silk with purple lining. Ideal for all occasions. From www.fluffbabes.se”
Icakuriren (leading Swedish weekly)


”Sleep mask in silk, full of soothing lavender.....available at www.fluffbabes.se” ”Silicon earplugs with stylish pendants, www.fluffbabes.se” ”Silk slippers with magnet-therapeutical soles which stimulate blood circulation on international flights .....available at www.fluffbabes.se”
Femina (Swedish women’s fashion magazine)


On your feet!
”Follow the example of Hollywood celebrities – keep Baby’s feet warm with a pair of quality-approved silk slippers from Fluffbabes.se”
Vi Föräldrar (leading Swedish parents’ periodical)


I want to be buried in a fluffy pink coffin
”I’ve been wondering if all present at my funeral should be sent home with a goody-bag containing my last words......the coffin is the mind-child of a group of ”crazy” babes down in the southern Swedish town of Kristianstad. It’s pink with velvet lining and has a built-in champagne glass. Read more at www.fluffbabes.se”
Amelia Adamo’s column in Swedish daily ”Expressen”. (The coffin is at present still on the drawing board at Fluffbabes.)


Fluffbabes want to help you brighten up daily life
”At Fluffbabes.com you can purchase glamorous products and enjoy blogs about how to avoid the triviality of daily life.... Fluffbabes is the place to go if you want to bring some fun into your life. We take pride in glamming up daily commodities, offering our customers stylish laptop carriers, elegant earplugs with glamorous pendants – and even silver champagne glass holders for the ironing board. We also have blogs telling our readers what we do to avoid all the boredom in daily life, she tells it-tjej.”
www.it-tjej.se (swedish internetsajt for it-girls in business)


Marshmallows in a tin?
”Not for eating, but for body rubbing. Fluffy marshmallows bodybutter at www.fluffbabes.com”
Allers (leading Swedish weekly)


Fair trade
”Silk ballerina slippers with removable reflexology insoles complete with ’fair-trade’- stamp at www.fluffbabes.com”
Ystads Allehanda och Trelleborgs Allehanda (Swedish local newspapers)


Praktiske dimser til rejsen
”Ligner din pæne sorte trolley alle de andre pæne sorte trolley’er på bagagebåndet, så skil dig ud med en gravhund med plads til nav nog adresse på den ene langside af dyret. Så er der garanteret ingen, der render med din kuffert. Fra Fluffbabes.”


”Det er let at få øje på passet nede i den store mulepose, når den ligger i dette her omslag og lyser op. Fås også med hunde, hvis man er træt af sko. Fra Fluffbabes.” ”Bliver du bims af den høje brummen på flyet, trafikken i New York eller hotellets diskotek, så tag toppen af lyden med ørepropper – camoufleret som smykker. Funktionelt pjank fra Fluffbabes.”
Danska Berlingske


Vanity bag for dog-lovers
”At the fluffbabes.com website customers will find the perfect vanity bag for pooch-lovers.”
IT 24:as modeblogg


Champagne Cocktail!
”This ring in sterling silver from the www.fluffbabes.com website is just as elegant as it is practical. It can be worn both as a pendant and as a finger ring. It will also come in useful in bars as the recipe engraved in it makes sure you’re always within reach of a comme il faut Champagne Cocktail.”
Hänt Extra (leading Swedish women’s’ magazine)


Hammering the message home!
”Got DIY jobs that need doing in the home? Get them fixed with a literally flowery hammer containing a surprising four screwdrivers in the handle...Who says we need a man about the house?”
SOLO (Swedish women’s magazine)


Who says coffins have to be black or white? In the future they may well be pink – with velvet lining...
”A fluffbabe seizes every opportunity to make life more beautiful and more fun – which includes anything from babies’ dummies with jewels on them to ironing boards with a holder for your champagne glass...– We want to offer our customers pink coffins with velvet lining, complete with champagne glass holder – and of course a beauty box. Funeral guests should also be given a goodie-bag to take home with them, containing among other things a recipe for your favourite cocktail...”
M Magasin (leading Swedish women’s magazine, by magazine mogul Amelia Adamo)


Suddenly everyone wanted one of my bracelets!
”Hardly a year has passed since 23 year-old Maja started her business but her bracelets are already being sold all over the world.” (Maja Littmarck makes gold and silver-coloured pewter bracelets in a variety of sizes for fluffbabes.se/com. This spring will also see the arrival of a new, mother-of-pearl and pink version, exclusively at fluffbabes.com/se)
Aftonbladet Sofis Mode (Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper)


Fluffbabes – Provocative site for innovative products!
”Those of you who think life should have an edge to it will doubtless find it quite natural to buy a champagne glass holder for your ironing board. A set of earplugs complete with lavish pendants won’t come as a surprise to you either.....All this, and much more, you’ll find at the coolest website of them all at the present time - www.fluffbabes.com”
Allt om Osby (Local swedish newsmagazine)


Hollywood-favourites with the mark of quality!
” Imagine walking on clouds in your own home wearing a pair of lovely, silk slippers which combine aromatherapy with magnetic therapy! Not only do they bear the ’Fair Trade’ mark, but Hollywood celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Salma Hayek are big fans too. Available at Fluffbabes.se”
SalongK.se (Swedish women-oriented website)