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We get so many nice mails so we just have to show them for you.
Here is a small selection:

  • "Hi there Darlings! The new site looks fabulous! Makes you want to taste it. Great products, although I did come across one item that seems superfluous – a champagne bottle stopper: who needs to stop an EMPTY champagne bottle?

  • I’m attaching a picture of my office. Everyone brightens up when they enter it. Gives you an edge over clients when you’re about to negotiate million-kroner deals and the first thing they see is my pink computer keyboard, my pink mouse – and my pink, smiling, glossy lips.

  • Business in pink..."

  • "Hi there! Seems to me you’ve made the new site just as delightful as it ought to be – the bubbles are a nice finishing touch. Easy navigation with a few selected items prominently placed – and that perfect pink computer keyboard in the middle of it all LOL! It really is a great site – and pleasing to the eye!

  • The left-hand margin makes for easy navigation, too…. Elegant, decorative – and perfect, just as a Fluffbabes site ought to be….good job! Must be on my way – see you, LOL..."

  • "Fluffbabes’ website is all about "Girls just wanna have fun". I’m one of them. Looooove pink. I’m a student journalist and we students tend not to have a lot of money. I became a Fluffbabes member the minute I discovered the site and I spend a lot of my time and energy dreaming about a perfect pink world. My flat is also pink-inspired.

  • I’ve been looking at "Never ending story" and it has made me think of death in a whole new way. In a sensitive way, it provides an opportunity for celebrating all the happy times you spent with the deceased. Me – I certainly want the pink coffin with the white wings :)

  • Thank you for being out there for us!"

  • "Hi – just want to say that your site is awesome :) I love your range of items and if I could afford it I’d buy the whole store ha ha :) But I must say I think you’ve done a great job on your new homepage."

  • "As I see it, there have been big changes on the site and yes, I’m positive – it’s really great! It’s got me eager to buy lots and lots of lovely things. Probably going to order some Christmas presents from your site too. "

  • "Hi – let me start off by saying that you girls are fantastic…can say the same about the new site, really cool, nice layout, …it feels much more professional than the former one, thoroughly glamourous and “fluffy”...easy access with practical navigation menus, lovely photographic work and clear text. Bottom line: I just love the site…"

  • "I was curious the first time I visited your site, just to have a look around. Didn’t have any special expectations…my very best best friend Helena told me that I simply HAD to check it out :-). She, more than anyone, has a passion for ANYTHING pink, anything bling-bling, and anything that smells wonderful!

  • I’m hooked......looooove your products!! I’ll stay faithful to you for ages and ages and ages *Ler*"

  • "Hello, Darings! I’m delighted – and grateful – for your site and that you have the courage to stand out in Sweden, where being flamboyant is often looked down on…with your luxurious, crazy, fun and completely necessary items. We need you! I love the refurbished site. I especially like the TopList on the start page. Good idea to include a “Press” area. I like the champagne bottle cork – and the cute bubbles too… Can’t think of anything that needs improving. Hugs!!"

  • "I think the site gives a better overview of the products you sell. Navigation is easier, and the design is very impressive. One thing I miss is more household articles, e.g. some nice kitchenware and perhaps a bit more fluff in the bathroom, a nice shower drape, or bathroom mats etc etc. Apart from that, you’re doing a brilliant job :) and I’m really grateful that I’ve found your site."

  • "Hi...the new fluffsite is completely gorgeous (even though I liked the “old” one too). “Fluffing” round the site is a pleasure to the eye and it really makes you want to do some shopping…You’re so good at what you do................."

  • "Hi, Babes I simply think you’re great. Functional site, love the blog – can’t stop laughing…and all your ”darling” comments which put you in a good mood. I share quite a few of your crazy ideas. We’re a group of adult girls here in Malmoe who love champagne and anything glamourous…have for instance bought pink toilet paper for one of my friends who LOVES PINK. Champage tea and so on. The new wristwarmers are absolutely fantastic – taken out of an old movie...and all the other things…gorgeous. You bet I’ll be ordering more Fluff-thingsin the future!"

  • "The new site has turned out really well! Much fluffier and nicer – the former one was too, but it’s always a good idea with an update, new stuff to look at and enjoy etc! Great, just great!” Just want to tell you that I’m getting married ! Guess where I want my presents to come from... FLUFFBABES!!! Obviously it’s going to be a wedding in pink and white, in a shocking pink church, pink dress with white lace edgings, the party location will be decorated so it’ll be like walking into a great big, pink and white, fluffy cake!!! Lots of lace and pretty details in black and white polkadots !!! February 13 – the day before Valentine’s Day, we-heeeey! Many thanks for the world’s best site…it always makes me feel happy when I visit the Fluffbabes site"

  • "Really cool site! I just love Pink, so I’ve come to the right place! Doesn’t everyone?? Lots of lovely items! Just came across the champagne glass holder to put on your ironing board – wicked! Looks like a good place to find Christmas presents for people. The site has a fresh feel about it! Updated! Lovely pictures!"
  • "Hi there, I read about your site in the local paper! Checked out your homepage and felt I just had to send a mail. What a great web shop you have, and the site is a knockout! Obviously I’ve told all my friends about it! It’s full of things that make life – and the end of life – more fun! WOW! Congrats!!! =P"

  • "Darling Cecilia! MANY THANKS for your brilliant customer service! Excellent job! You girls really are fantastic!"
    HUGS Erica

  • "I really like the blog, and this page too. It makes me think how “grey” and boring I used to be. Now – I’m pink instead! :> My blog has become pink and fluffy too:]"

  • "Thanks, sweet, glammy Åsa!!! ENJOY loads and loads of rosé and champagne and remember that all of you at Fluffbabes have made this girl really happy with your champagne bottle stopper!!!"
    Tons of hugs - Caroline

  • "Thank you for your amazingly speedy and professional service! The bag arrived today and it’s super. I couldn’t be more pleased!"
    Thanks from Marie

  • "Thank you for your wonderful site – keep it on the boil so I can get all those lovely commodities!"

  • "Thanks so much for replying to my mails. And thanks for being so quick, and so nice. Now I see why your site is such a success. You’re good to your customers – and your site has a fantastic product range."

  • "Thank you so much for the chocolates you sent to me.... I have put www.fluffbabes.com among my favourites."

  • "I want to scream and shout Fluffbabes are all I need when I go out!"