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Conditions - Purchasing Info

Shop with the Fluffbabes
We Fluffbabes want to bring joy into your lives! We want to make shopping with us a positive experience for you – all the way from ordering a favourite product to having it delivered. If there’s anything you are not satisfied with, we will of course take care of the problem! We observe all Swedish Consumer Regulations - which are among the toughest in the world. But what would you expect in a country which gave the world ABBA, Volvo and IKEA?

I feel like shopping!
Well of COURSE you do, Darling! And you probably want to get started right away. That’s why we have made it as simple for you as possible. Just follow these ridiculously easy steps:

  • Check out all our products so you don’t miss any!
  • Select a number of items in the number route...or, if you want to know more about a product, click for more details.
  • It’s never too late to purchase even more products: you can always go back to the Product Page and add the articles you missed first time round.
  • When you’re sure you’re ready, click the Checkout button. Here we’ll ask you to submit your own address – or the address where the products are to be delivered if they’re for another Darling than yourself. You’re always welcome to return to the site – it’s up to you!

Remember you must allow JavaScript and cookies to be able to shop!

To change the number of items simply delete in the ”Qty” box or use + / - and X keys.

Sales to minors.
Fluffbabes will do no business with minors (under the age of 18) without the consent of an adult.

There’s a currency calculator on the Checkout Page. At the moment we deal in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish currencies – and Euro.

If you want to give a product or products to somebody as a present, we will of course make sure that it’s nicely gift wrapped! This service costs an extra 49 SEK, and you can read more about it under Gift wrapping.

You are welcome to pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by invoice (only in Sweden) or in advance to (Swedbank)bankno: 765-4122.

We use Auriga ePayment for the card payment. We trust that the credit card number you have submitted is your own. Your credit card company has to approve the transaction. If you have chosen to pay by bank card you will be connected to Auriga ePayment, please have patience - sometimes it takes a while to process the transaction. Please wait til you receive confirmation from us. If not, there might be a problem with your order.

Invoices are processed by Klarna (formerly Kreditor) Klarna also double-check your name, civil registration no. and address on receipt of your order. There will be a surcharge of 29 SEK and you have 14 days credit. We send your invoice with email and we only send invoices to Swedish addresses.

We are unable to accept responsibility if your products never arrive at their destination. Delivery will be suspended if, for some reason, there are difficulties with the transaction. We have done everything possible to make our site as secure as possible. At Fluffbabes we have done our utmost to ensure maximum security when your credit card is involved, including employing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This system encrypts and protects any data that you send to us over the Internet. If, however, problems arise which are beyond the control of our security systems, we are unfortunately unable to accept responsibility.

You have two options: Standard or Express delivery. In Sweden Standard costs 49 SEK and Express costs 355 SEK. To Denmark, Norway and Finland Standard costs 79 SEK. Deliveries to the rest of Europe cost 295 SEK for Standard delivery and 750 SEK for Express delivery. We only deliver within Europe, if you would like to send the package outside Europe please contact us Fluffbabes.

When you have made your purchase
We do our very best – for your sake. Occasionally, however, stock runs out. In most cases, new stock is on its way but occasionally, some articles are permanently out of stock. We will do our utmost to keep you informed of future deliveries and you will have the option of waiting for the arrival of new stock or choosing a new product instead. You may want to save up for something else? You are welcome to do so. All our prices include VAT.

My products are on their way!
When you have submitted your order you will receive an email giving you details of your purchase. This does not always mean, however, that your order has been accepted. We may have to send you a new email (for orders which are out of stock, see above). If you have not cancelled your order, acceptance will mean that the products are in fact to be delivered to you. We will not, however, withdraw money from the credit card you have submitted before this is the case. We claim the right to withhold delivery if we find it necessary. In such cases we will of course not withdraw any money from your account.

I’m a woman – I’ve changed my mind!
We know all about it. One minute you think you’re in love with an article, and the next minute you hate it. Things get more complicated when men are involved – but with Fluffbabe products you can relax….no problem! And we have a special message for all our male customers: Don’t feel put out! We don’t do discrimination: you, too, can do your shopping and then change your mind. You have 14 days to annul your purchase – although we find it hard to imagine this happening! You simply return your goods to us. Obviously, the goods must not have been unwrapped. You have to pay all postage expenses, too. If you have any questions, please contact us at darling@fluffbabes.com

Pull up your socks, Fluffbabes!
If you have received the wrong goods, or if your goods are in any way defect, please send an email to darling@fluffbabes.com telling us about the problem. Remember to have your order number at hand – this will be a big help to our staff at Customer Care. You will be asked if you wish to exchange the goods or if you prefer a refund. We can easily exchange your goods for ones of a different colour or size – provided we have them in stock. If we don’t, we’ll be pleased to find another solution – to your satisfaction. You will of course understand that we will be unable to exchange your goods for an entirely different product unless there is an exact match in price. You will also appreciate that we will have to check for defects any products you return to us before we can send alternative products to you. Even if there are no defects in the fluffy products you have returned, but we can see that they have been in use, we will not be able to accept an exchange. In the case of panties, swimsuits or bikinis, the hygienic strip must be intact. It is your responsibility to make sure that products are returned safely to us. We secure all our products until they reach your door – but after that they are your responsibility. We suggest you send the goods in such a way that they can be traced if they go astray. In the case of unfortunate accidents and the goods disappearing during postage we claim the right to keep the money that you have paid for them.

When can I get my money back?
Reimbursement will take place within 30 days of your informing us that you wish to return the goods. If the goods are undamaged and have been returned correctly if you paid with bank card we will deposit the reimbursement in the account from which you made the payment. You can also opt for Fluffbabe credit, in which case we look after the amount until you make another purchase at Fluffbabes.com at some later stage.

Oh no – we seem to be in disagreement...
Any disagreements that arise will be settled according to Swedish legislation.

Personal information
Fluffbabes register your personal information according to PUL guidelines. This means that when you become a member of the Fluffbabes community and/or make a purchase with us, you automatically accept that we do so.

Fluffbabes International AB Org nr: 556698-6906 VAT: SE556698690601